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November 16, 2021.

Eagle super-processor

27-quantum bit ‘Eagle’ processor.

‘Eagle’ processor. © IBM.

IBM unveiled its latest innovation in quantum computing: Eagle, a new processor that could allow quantum machines to overtake traditional computers within two years. Quantum computing harnesses the fundamental quantum nature of matter at the subatomic level to provide the potential to dramatically increase computing power. Eagle is the first quantum chip with processing power of more than 100 operational and connected qubits, and its development is the latest indication that quantum computing is nearing maturity. This processor follows Hummingbird, which contains 65 qubits and was unveiled in 2020, and Falcon, which contains 27 qubits and was unveiled in 2019. IBM’s roadmap calls for a 400-plus qubits processor next year and a processor with over 1,000 qubits in 2023.

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