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DVD and Blu-ray sales

April 12, 2019.

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In its annual Theatrical Home Entertainment Market Environment report, the Motion Picture Association of America described an immensely sharp drop-off of physical media sales over the past five years. According to the data, global sales of video disc formats (DVD, Blu-ray, and UltraHD Blu-ray) were 25.2 billion (USD) in 2014 but only 13.1 billion in 2018. That’s a drop of about 50%. However, the global film industry is doing well. Global box office increased from 36.4 billion in 2014 to 41.1 billion in 2018, with strong growth in the Asia Pacific region. For audiovisual entertainment at home, consumption of all media (physical and digital) increased from 40.9 billion to 55.7 billion over the same period.

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