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November 05, 2020.

DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2.

DJI Mini 2. © DJI.

The latest version of the DJI Mini essentially vaults from 2.7K 25/30 fps video to 4K 60 fps. Also importantly, WiFi technology is traded in for OcuSync 2.0 proprietary transmission technology, increasing communication distance from 4km to 10km. Impressive! Its weight (1g under the 250g threshold for compulsory registration with the American Federal Aviation Authority), and flight time (about 30 minutes) are the same. The Mini 2, which costs USD50 more than its predecessor, has no new sensors; the mapping and assisted landing functions stay the same. The drone Mavic Mini 2 is available for purchase on the DJI on-line store and at authorized retailers for USD450, while the Fly More combo, which includes the Mavic Mini 2, three batteries, a charger, a carrying case and a remote, sells for USD600.

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