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Disconnected locks

August 17, 2017.

RemoteLock 6i.

RemoteLock 6i. © RemoteLock.

RemoteLock 6i is an Internet-connected door lock that can be operated three ways: remotely, with a traditional key, or with a keypad code. This, along with its remote blocking and reprogramming features, can be super practical for some, like airbnb hosts who can control access to their place without being physically present. Unfortunately, the manufacturer sent out an erroneous update to some of its “smartlocks”, rendering them totally inoperable. Not only do they no longer lock, but they can’t even connect to download the fix. The solution offered by RemoteLock is to take the locks apart and send them in for repairs. Needless to say, their owners are livid.

Ars Technica, “Update gone wrong leaves 500 smart locks inoperable.”