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Digital sun visor

January 29, 2020.

Virtual Visor.

Virtual Visor. © Robert Bosch LLC.

Since Henry Ford’s Model T, the auto industry has innovated its way to electric, driverless vehicles. But there is one cabin accessory that hasn’t changed since its inception: the sun visor. While you can’t live without it when you have the sun in your eyes, you’d like to do away with it when you keep having to adjust it due to changing light conditions. Bosch has tackled the problem, and developed a revolutionary visor that is nothing less than an LCD screen that automatically becomes transparent or opaque depending on the position of the sun. The Virtual Visor uses artificial intelligence and a driver-facing camera to detect the driver’s face. A proprietary algorithm then determines the position of the driver’s eyes and darkens or lightens select areas of the visor to keep the driver from being blinded by the sun, while maximizing the areas that remain transparent.

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