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Digital music score

May 2, 2017.

GVIDO Digital Music Score.

GVIDO Digital Music Score. © GVIDO Tokyo.

Musicians are flocking to tablets such as the iPad to replace traditional sheet music. The problem, though, is that tablet screens are small, making it impossible to display a double page comfortably. Another problem is that they’re too obtrusive to use in concert, and the light they emit ruins video footage. Enter Gvido, an E ink sheet music reader: two 13.3-inch E Ink displays with 8GB of internal storage, a microSD reader and a stylus for annotations, all for just 660 grams. An IR sensor on-screen, or an optional wireless foot pedal, turn the pages. No more rustling or falling pages in the middle of a recital! Available as of September 20 for a whopping US$1,600.

Circuit Breaker, “This double screen E Ink sheet music reader is finally shipping in September for $1,600.”