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Dev Home helps developers in Windows 11

May 23, 2023.

Dev Home.

Dev Home. © Microsoft.

Microsoft wants to make it easier to set up and use Windows development machines. A new Dev Home for Windows 11 control center, available in preview, carves out development environments for machines that will link to GitHub and connect to necessary repositories, install tools and packages, and much more. Dev Home uses winget, Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager, to generate set-up files, to install the applications, tools and packages that developers need. It also sets up cloud development environments with Microsoft Dev Box and GitHub Codespaces.

“Life as a developer involves constantly juggling manual dev machine set up with too many clicks, multiple tool sign-ins, navigating sub-optimal filesystem performance and context switching,” admits Windows CPO Panos Panay. “We know that these disruptions can significantly impact your productivity.” This way for more information. 

Another announcement developers will like (or not): get ready for GitHub Copilot in Windows Terminal. Microsoft says it is testing GitHub Copilot AI in other dev tools such as its own WinDbg debugger.

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