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Deep learning made easy with Lobe

May 3, 2018.


Learning to turn a hand sign into an emoji. © Lobe AI Inc.

Creating deep learning models is difficult and time-consuming. You’ll need the time to master many skills before you even start, and the learning curve for the techniques is quite steep. Some talented artificial intelligence engineers have recently unveiled the Lobe web application, which aims to ease access to deep learning for application developers.

Lobe is an intuitive visual tool that allows you to build personalized deep learning models, quickly train them and integrate them right into your application without writing any code. Start by dragging and dropping a folder with indexed visual or auditory examples from your desktop, and Lobe will get right down to work to automatically build a personalized deep learning model. The models can identify visuals and sounds, and can also create imagery or process large volumes of data, like a library of 3D models. You build and edit Lobe models through a web interface. There’s a cloud API that developers can use for completed and operational models. Lobe also exports to iOS CoreML and Android TensorFlow. You can sign up to test the beta version here. If you’ve got a minute, check out the stunning video below.