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Dash Smart Shelf

Dash Smart Shelf.

Dash Smart Shelf. © Amazon.

After canceling its Dash Buttons, Amazon now has a new and improved product for SMEs: the Dash Smart Shelf, a smart scale for office supplies. Just stock like items on these shelves and, when supplies run low, the device automatically re-orders through a Wi-Fi connection. Or, if you’re not too keen on automatic reorder, the Dash Smart Shelf can simply send a notification to your stockroom person to order manually. The Dash Smart Shelf is about 2.5 cm high and comes in three sizes: small (18 x 18 cm), medium (25.5 x 30.5 cm), and large (33 x 45.75 cm). It is currently being tested with Amazon Business clients in the US. If it also works for toilet paper, maybe their best market will be homes, not businesses.

Circuit Breaker, Chaim Gartenberg, “Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf can automatically order new office supplies when they run out.”


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