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Cryptocurrency mining to heat your home

March 9, 2018.

Qarnot’s QC-1.

QC-1. © Qarnot.

If you’re thinking of jumping into the cryptocurrency mining business, here’s an added bonus: you can heat your entire house by using a cryptocurrency mining rig with a wall-mounted radiator. Qarnot’s QC-1 “crypto heater” is one sleek-looking radiator, with a wooden top and matte-black finish, and is totally silent – no fans are needed for cooling down the rig, as the heat it generates is used to heat your house. The device has two Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 graphics cards, and can create about $120 of Ethereum per month (based on current prices). It costs about $3,570 and pre-orders are being taken now. The first rigs will be shipped before June 20th.

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