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Cops in a Tesla

March 7, 2019.

Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S. © Freemont Police Department.

Concerned about pollution, police in Fremont, California, have decided to convert their fleet to zero-emission vehicles, starting with no less than the Tesla Model S! Of course, the Tesla catalog doesn’t feature police cars. The administration purchased a second-hand 2014 model for US$ 61,480 and spent nearly US$ 4,500 to retrofit it to its new use. Unfortunately for the police officers, some features for which Tesla is known have been disabled, such as the semi-autonomous steering system and self-parking. It should also be noted that Fremont is home to Tesla’s mega-factory, which employs more than 10,000 people; citizens may not be too surprised to see an extra Tesla on the road. There is another Tesla on a police force, in Basel, Switzerland, since January. This one is a modified Model X.

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