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Copilot all over Windows soon

May 23, 2023.

Windows Copilot.

Windows Copilot. © Microsoft.

At its Build conference, Microsoft announced that its ChatGPT-based Copilot functionality will soon be available in all Windows applications. As with Copilot Microsoft 365, Windows Copilot is a new window that opens to the right of your screen and helps you in your tasks, depending on your prompts. “Once open, the Windows Copilot side bar stays consistent across your apps, programs and windows, always available to act as your personal assistant,” explains Windows Chief Product Officer Panos Panay. The company has set itself the goal of coming up with the first operating system with centralized AI assistance. A preview of Windows Copilot will be available for Windows 11 in June.

But AI’s takeover of OS doesn’t stop here. It seems that Windows 12 will draw on artificial intelligence even more heavily, with Windows 12 optimized processors equipped with Neural Processing Units (NPUs).

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