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Claude friendlier than ChatGPT

March 14, 2023.

AI chat bot.

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OpenAI might enjoy the support of large tech companies, but so does Anthropic, founded by OpenAI ex-employees. Google invested USD 300 million in Anthropic in February, which is now releasing Claude, its own chatbot. It writes CVs, answers questions, pads your writing, and generates code. You can fine-tune the tone, personality and behavior of the chatbot, which seems more nuanced than the Bing chatbot based on ChatGPT-4. Claude was designed to be “helpful, honest, and harmless”, and won’t dip into the Internet. Anthropic is also releasing Claude Instant, a cheaper, faster and lighter version than its bells-and-whistles counterpart. Companies such as Notion, Quora and DuckDuckGo have already given Claude a spin in the months prior to its launch. You can get information on both models’ pricing and on signing up for access to Claude here.

The Verge, Emma Roth, “Google-backed Anthropic launches Claude, an AI chatbot that’s easier to talk to.”