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Boston Dynamics’ new robot

March 1, 2017.

Handle robot.

Handle. © Boston Dynamics.

Last year, we wrote about the possibility of Google selling off Boston Dynamics. A year later, the company is still part of the Alphabet family. Another thing that hasn’t changed is Boston Dynamics’ impressive yet creepy creations. To wit, their latest brainchild Handle, a wheeled, bipedal robot standing at over 6 feet, able to jump 4 feet high and reach speeds of 9mph. Running on batteries, it can travel 19 miles. With just 10 actuated joints, Handle is mechanically simpler than its predecessors. Siddhartha Srinivasa, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, told Recode: “This is one of the most remarkable robots I have seen in a long time. Boston Dynamics is truly the Apple of robotics, when it comes to tightly integrating hardware design with software and artificial intelligence.”

Recode, “Roboticists say Boston Dynamic’s new nightmare robot is unlike anything ever seen before.”