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Boson Kits

June 8, 2017.

Boson Modules.

Boson Modules. © DFRobot.

Boson’s DFRobot kits are designed to look like toys to turn kids on to electronics, programming and robotics. The modules are divided into four easily-identifiable, color-coded categories: blue for inputs, green for outputs, yellow for functions and pink for power. No need for soldering: Boson blocks simply connect to one another. The system offers no less than fifty types of modules across all four categories. There are sensors for temperature, humidity, conductivity, infrared, light, movement, sound, etc., as well as several buttons and joysticks for inputs. Outputs are motors, fans, LEDs, OLED monitors, etc. Functional modules allow for building basic logic functions, like “AND”, “OR” and “NOT”. The system is compatible with Arduino, allowing for more advanced programme writing in Scratch, Blockly, Python and JavaScript. Available by pre-order on KickStarter, for US$45 to US$309 depending on the number of modules included (11 to 59) and delivered as of next September.

Circuit Breaker, “The Boson kit is a modular robotics set that will teach kids STEM topics and coding.”