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Big Clapper is just weird

July 11, 2018.

Big Clapper.

ビッグクラッピ. © Bye Bye World.

Big Clapper is a one-meter tall robot that looks like a stand-mounted tomato with hands coming out of its top. The robot’s main goal in life is to clap its hands in various modes: one clap, three claps, continuous clapping, on-demand claps, clapping to music, clapping and talking. Its eyes are designed to make it seem like it’s always looking at you, which adds a layer of weirdness. Big Clapper started life as an art project by Japanese designer Masato Takahashi, and is now on Kickstarter to raise funds for a larger production run. If you need a cheering squad in your life, you can have it now for US$4,500.

Circuit Breaker, “Big Clapper is a $4,500 robot that will applaud you until the day you die.”