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Azure Dedicated Host

August 1, 2019.

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Microsoft announced the release of Azure Dedicated Host. It gives you the option of leasing a physical server just for yourself to host one or more Azure virtual machines. This means that you don’t share any resources on this server with anyone else and you have full control over what is running on that machine. Azure Dedicated Host supports Windows, Linux, and SQL Server virtual machines. The price is calculated per host, regardless of the number of virtual machines you’re running. You can choose from different machines to suit your needs, with up to 144 physical cores and prices starting at US$ 4.04 an hour. You can add licenses that are also time-based (Windows 10, BizTalk, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP, Suse Linux Enterprise Server, SQL Server, Ubuntu Advantage). Microsoft says these new dedicated hosts can help companies meet their compliance requirements for physical security, data integrity, and monitoring.

TechCrunch, “Microsoft Azure now lets you have a server all to yourself.”