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November 25, 2020.

AWS Outage

Is something wrong?

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Never put all your eggs in one basket, right? Yet that’s exactly what is happening on the Internet with a few increasingly huge and ubiquitous service providers. So when a giant like Amazon Web Services fails, entire regions of the Net are affected. That’s what happened on Wednesday, when the Amazon cloud platform was partly down for hours. And it wasn’t just web sites that were affected: countless software and home automation devices using web services went down with it. Among the major companies crippled by the outage were Adobe and Autodesk. And the irony of the thing is that the outage also affected Amazon’s own ability to update its service status dashboard.

YouTube, “Without Amazon, most of the internet disappears.”

The Verge, Jay Peters, “Prolonged AWS outage takes down a big chunk of the internet.”


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