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Artificial intelligence vs. Ms. Pac-Man

June 19, 2017.

Maluuba, the Montreal company specializing in deep learning and bought last January by Microsoft, achieved the highest possible score of 999 900 points on the classic video game Ms. Pac-Man, Atari 2600 version (from 1982). Artificial intelligence did the trick. The video above describes the process, which involved over 150 individual agents accomplishing simple tasks. The researchers were disappointed with the result: at 999 900 points, the score just goes back to zero. No cigar. It would seem that back in the eighties, Namco developers never anticipated that anyone would ever achieve this… inhuman score. The human record on Atari version 2600 is just 266 330 points.

The Verge, “Sorry humans, Microsoft’s AI is the first to reach a perfect Ms. Pac-Man score.”