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Apple’s secret facility is developing MicroLEDs

March 20, 2018.

Apple Watch.

Apple Watch. © iStock.

Bloomberg has revealed that Apple has a secret manufacturing plant in Santa Clara, California, where it designs and creates its own screens using MicroLED technology. It’s likely doing this to sidestep Samsung and its OLED screens in future devices. It’s well known that the company wants to diversify its suppliers: Apple has spent billions of dollars to help LG ramp up its OLED production and rumour has it that LG screens will feature on the iPhone X’s successor. Remember that in 2014, Apple was already super interested in MicroLED technology, and bought LuxVue Technology, which was developing low-power ultra-bright MicroLED screens. Odds are good that the first Apple product to feature a MicroLED screen will be the Apple Watch.

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