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Apple’s deal on wheels

December 11, 2019.

Mac Pro wheels.

Mac Pro wheels. © Apple.

When the newest Mac Pro was unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference last June, we wondered how much the optional wheels might cost, given that they might not be an option if you’re called to move your 40-lb machine around. We wrote: “Apple allows you to swap out the feet for wheels, for an undisclosed price (though we’re pretty sure that a set of four Apple-designed wheels will cost at least a hundred bucks)”. Now that the Mac Pro has been available for order since December 10, we have our answer: the set of four wheels will set you back CAD480 (USD400), or CAD120 per wheel! While we weren’t technically wrong in our prediction, neither did we come even close to the truth. If you find the price a little steep, you can always mount your very expensive Mac Pro on a skateboard. That said, if you can afford to buy a CAD7,500-to-CAD63,000 machine with a CAD7,500 Pro Display XDR (plus CAD1,300 for the equally optional support), you can probably afford to throw another CAD480 after it for a set of four wheels that will win you any Mac Pro race event down your company’s hallways.

Mashable, Stan Schroeder, “From the $999 stand to the $400 wheels, Apple is straight up trolling us.”