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Apple Park

February 22, 2017.

Steve Jobs Theater.

Steve Jobs Theater. Image © Apple.

Apple’s newest campus, covering 70 hectares, will start welcoming employees in April. Its official name has been announced: Apple Park. The transfer of over 12,000 employees will take all year. The mammoth ring, providing 260,000m2 of “creativity space”, was dreamt up by Steve Jobs, who worked on it until his dying day. The 1,000-seat amphitheatre will be named the Steve Jobs Theatre; it will host town hall meetings and product launch events. All of the campus buildings, designed with architecture firm Foster + Partners, will be 100% renewable energy-powered, in part thanks to an array of 17-megawatt solar panels.

Ars Technica, “Apple’s new spaceship campus gets a name, lifts off in April.”