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Android and iOS, the competitive juggernaut

February 16, 2017.


Photo © iStock/Filadendron.

Would you believe that 99.6 per cent of all new smartphones now run on either Android or iOS? Windows and BlackBerry are close to complete and utter extinction. According to Gartner, 1.1 million Windows smartphones were sold in the fourth quarter of 2016, or 4.4 million less than in the same period in 2015. Apple has once again overtaken Samsung, with 77 million iPhones sold in Q4, compared to 76.8 million devices sold by the Korean company. Huawei came in third, with 40.8 million units sold during the same period. Samsung delivered the most smartphones overall in 2016, but its market share fell from 22.5 to 20.5 per cent. The global smartphone market grew by less than 5% in 2016, going from 1.42 to 1.5 billion units.

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