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September 08, 2021.

Android 12 is almost there!

Android 12.

Android 12. © Google.

Google released its 5th and final beta version of Android 12 and promises that the launch of the full Android OS is a few weeks away. All Pixel devices can currently handle beta 5, including Pixel 5a with 5G launched in late August, for which the beta hasn’t been officially ready until now. You can also install it on some other phones such as Sharp’s Aquos Sense 5G, Xiaomi’s Mi 11, or OnePlus’s OnePlus 9. This beta is a “platform stability” release, meaning it just smoothes things with fixes and enhancements, without introducing new features. Installing it is risk-free, and it offers app developers a stable environment to test the last few compatibility issues before the final version is released. Google strongly encourages SDK, library, tool and game engine developers to publish their compatibility updates ASAP, as downstream app and game developers may be blocked until they receive these updates.

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