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AMD Epyc

June 21, 2017.

AMD Epyc.

AMD Epyc.

Epyc Series. © AMD.

Chip designer AMD unveiled its new line of processors for data centre servers. This is of course a full frontal attack against Intel’s last, most profitable bastion, the Xeon processor. These new SoCs are based on the new Zen microarchitecture, which we’ve seen in action in Ryzen chips. The Epyc series starts at the 7251, an 8-core processor able to handle 16 simultaneous threads (frequency of 2.1 to 2.9 GHz) and tops out at the 7601, a 32-core chip with 64 threads and a base frequency of 2.2 GHz hitting 3.2 GHz in “boost” mode, for about US$4,000 apiece. TDP goes from 120 to 180W depending on the model. This is AMD’s third try at Intel’s server market share. Third time’s a charm? “We are offering 47 per cent higher performance against the top product from Intel,” said AMD CEO Lisa Su, to an ovation by the audience at Long Center in Austin, Texas.

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