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Amazon’s microwave

September 20, 2018.

AmazonBasics Microwave.

AmazonBasics Microwave. © Amazon.

Amazon announced the impending release of its first kitchen appliance: a microwave oven that is compatible with the Alexa system. Moreover, it will include Dash Replenishment Services, which means it can automatically order popcorn from Amazon. With its compact size (44cm wide, 36cm tall and 25.5cm deep) and a rated power of 700W, AmazonBasics Microwave is available for preorder with a price tag of US$60, but currently only in the US with a mid-November delivery. You’ll need an Alexa-powered speaker near the microwave so you can give commands like, “Alexa, reheat some rice” or “Alexa, defrost the peas”. The appliance still features a traditional control panel for the days when you’ve lost your voice.

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