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Amazon satellite internet comes in all sizes in 2024

March 14, 2023.

Project Kuiper.

Project Kuiper. © Amazon.com.

Amazon revealed three satellite broadband user terminals and announced that it will start offering Kuiper-based internet service in 2024. The speed of the standard terminal, designed for residential use and small businesses, will reach up to 400Mbps. But, as competitor Starlink is seeing, the speed will actually depend on available satellites and network congestion in each region. Amazon’s press release isn’t differentiating between download and upload speeds, but upload speeds will likely be slower than download speeds. The speed of an upcoming smaller terminal will get up to 100Mbps, while a terminal meant for large-business and government use will reach 1Gbps. Amazon can manufacture the standard terminal for under USD 400, though it has not specified the retail price of its terminals or monthly service.

Since 2019 at least, Amazon’s Project Kuiper team has been working on a low-orbit satellite network that will eventually compete with SpaceX’s Starlink service, which is up and running. The US Federal Communications Commission gave Amazon the approval to launch 3,236 satellites in low orbit, ranging between 590 and 630 kilometers. In April 2022, the company announced agreements with Arianespace, Blue Origin (owned by Jeff Bezos), and United Launch Alliance for 83 launches over five years.

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