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Amazon, from digital to…hard copy

July 5, 2018.

Amazon big toys book.

Amazon big toys book (photomontage).

What is old is new again, at least if you ask Amazon. After the demise of the Toys ‘R Us chain, the online retailer is stepping up to try to fill the void. This holiday season, the e retail giant is releasing a massive old-fashioned hard copy toy catalogue, which will be sent to “millions” of its customers, and available for free at Whole Foods stores. The move comes after a series of reports in Bloomberg, stating Amazon had “considered” buying the now-defunct toy chain. No confirmation if or how prices will be listed in the catalogue, something which may be tricky considering the site’s reliance on dynamic pricing and deals exclusively for Prime members.

Ars Technica, “Report: Amazon will publish toy catalog this holiday to fill Toys ‘R Us void.”