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Amazon 4-star brick-and-mortar store

September 27, 2018.

Amazon 4-star.

Amazon 4-star, NYC. © Amazon.

Tomorrow, in New York, Amazon will open a new store that only sells the most popular products on its on-line platform. Called Amazon 4-star, the store sells electronics, kitchen and home items, toys, books and games that have garnered a 4-star rating or higher, or are best-sellers. Prime member get to pay the lower, on-line price in-store. Digital price tags display the average star rating, total number of reviews, the Prime price and the list price. And of course, you’ll find a table dedicated to Amazon Echo and Fire TV devices. Amazon 4-star seems to us to be an expanded version of the Amazon Books store concept, a chain of 15 analog stores that only sell Amazon’s digital best-sellers. It is unclear, however, whether Amazon 4-star stores will also replicate and multiply.

Ars Technica, “Amazon’s newest brick-and-mortar store sells only top-rated products.”