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Alpha Training Blue

September 3, 2018.

Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue.

Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue. © Mattel.

Though this toy is ostensibly for children aged 8 and up, we believe that children of all ages will love it! Created by Mattel, Alpha Training Blue is a robotic velociraptor weighing 4lbs and standing a foot high with its beak turned to the sky. It is controlled with a real joystick with an embedded accelerometer to let you move the head and tail. It has four gaming modes, including total control mode, which lets you control your dino like a puppet. But the best mode is Training Mode, when you get to train your velociraptor by giving him rewards whenever it performs an intended action. And, just like a real animal, the robot will progressively forget its training if you ignore it for over a month, or act like a true baby by occasionally not obeying and doing its own thing. Embedded sensors allow Blue to feel and react when you pet its chin or nose. The battery provides it with one to two hours’ playtime, depending on playing mode, and recharges in just half an hour. The price is a little steep (US$250), but you do get bang for your buck: with 7 servomotors, this is Mattel’s most sophisticated toy ever. Besides, Christmas is just around the corner. Available for preorder on Amazon US, for October delivery.

Mashable, “This Jurassic World robot raptor toy will make you feel like Chris Pratt.”