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All-in-one desk

June 25, 2018.


SmartDesk. © Cemtrex.

Cemtrex has taken the idea of an all-in-one office desk to a whole new level. Its sleek SmartDesk features three 24-inch IPS touchscreen displays, a proprietary gesture recognition system which allows you to turn pages with a wave of the hand, a Windows Intel Core i7 PC, and a built-in keyboard and trackpad. The desk’s surface is also a scanner, allowing you to lay documents right on the desk to scan them with click. Also built into the surface is a wireless phone charger and a sliding drawer housing wireless earbuds to make calls and send SMS texts without touching a phone. Finally, the SmartDesk is vertically adjustable so you can work sitting or standing. We love everything about it, except maybe that it only comes with Windows and costs US$4,000.

Circuit Breaker, “This all-in-one smart desk has three screens and a built-in scanner.”