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Alexa stores it all

July 3, 2019.

Amazon Echo Spot.

Echo Spot. © Amazon.

Chris Coons, a Democratic senator from Delaware, addressed some good questions to Jeff Bezos, and Amazon provided answers you didn’t want to hear. In short, Amazon’s Alexa keeps all data with no expiration date, and shares it too! Be worried: this data includes recordings and transcripts of every voice interaction with your assistant. And the concern with privacy protection doesn’t affect just voice assistants: connected object technologies are present in an ever-growing number of devices, like doorbells and door locks. Worse yet, technology companies are far from transparent on the type of data they collect or the level of control you have over it. “The American people deserve to understand how their personal data is being used by tech companies, and I will continue to work with both consumers and companies to identify how to best protect Americans’ personal information,” Coons said in a statement.

Cnet, “Amazon Alexa keeps your data with no expiration date, and shares it too.”