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September 15, 2022.

ACT-1, your new AI assistant


Action Transformer (ACT-1). © Adept.

The California-based firm Adept announced the AI model Action Transformer (ACT1), which interacts with software interfaces and performs actions in response to commands written in plain English. In a Twitter demo video, ACT-1 responds to the request “Find me a house in Houston that works for a family of 4 with a budget of 600K”. The tool uses the real-estate website Redfin and changes the interface parameters until a matching result appears on screen. Adept’s website shows ACT-1 operating Salesforce, Google Sheets, Craigslist and Wikipedia, giving a glimpse of the usefulness of this kind of assistant to save us a lot of screen time. Adept states that the model can also accomplish tasks that require the use of several applications. The company says it hopes to make ACT-1 even more useful by having it ask for the clarifications it needs to better understand what we want it to do.

Ars Technica, Benj Edwards, “New AI assistant can browse, search, and use web apps like a human.”


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