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958+1 drones flying at a Time

June 1, 2018.

Time Magazine cover made from 958 Intel drones.

Time Magazine cover dated June 11, 2018. © Time Inc.

Time magazine’s latest issue features a piece on the explosion of drones in our culture and, to illustrate the point, the cover was made with 958 illuminated drones, and a 959th one to take a photo of them. The drones all hover in formation to recreate a 100-meter high cover, complete with red and white border and the iconic TIME word mark. The technological feat was made possible thanks to a team at Intel that specializes in aerial drone displays and to Astraeus Aerial for the photo. The shot was staged above Folsom, in California, where Intel has a campus. The drones used for the shoot are Shooting Stars, light quadcopter drones equipped with LEDs that were specially designed for light shows by Intel. The position and movements of each drone are controlled by a computer and an operator on the ground.

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