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2019 Programming trends

April 10, 2019.


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Close to 90,000 developers from all over the world participated in Stack Overflow’s 2019 survey. Here are the main findings: Python is once again the fastest-growing programming language; it is also the second most loved language, behind Rust. The most popular framework of the year is React.js, followed by Vue.js. The winners in the platform category were Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Raspberry Pi, AWS, MacOS and iOS. The three most popular development environments were Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio and Notepad++, while Vim is far more liked than Emacs. Nearly half of respondents (47.5%) use Windows, while the other half is almost evenly split between MacOS (26.8%) and Linux (25.6%). About half of respondents report using container technology. Finally, if you’d like to earn more money, Clojure, F#, GO, Scala and Elixir are the most lucrative languages.

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