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Boston-based IoT solutions provider Iotopia Solutions joins Spiria

September 7, 2017.
Leading Canadian custom software developer Spiria continues rapid growth with the addition of a new US-based team.

Montreal, 7 September 2017 – Spiria, a custom digital solutions developer, is proud to announce its first US-based development team. The Boston-based IoT and product solution provider Iotopia Solutions joins Spiria to become the company’s first U.S. production hub. This addition is part of Spiria’s strategy to provide local digital solution development expertise across major North-American markets. This expansion will support the growing demand from Spiria’s customers for industrial IoT solutions, and from the U.S. East Coast market for an experienced custom software development provider.

“We are always looking for new ways to help our customers optimize production, cut costs and gain a strategic edge on their competitors. We felt that adding more industrial IoT expertise to our team would enable us to deliver even smarter digital solutions to our customers. Bringing on a team of IoT experts like Iotopia Solutions felt only natural”, says Stéphane Rouleau, President & CEO of Spiria. “We also felt it was important to move even closer to our already strong US customer base. An innovation hub like Boston with a rich academic culture, close to our Montreal and Ottawa offices, is a great place to start.”

“Joining a company with over 14 years of custom software development expertise and experience enables us to provide our medical, agricultural and energy industry customers with a full-service digital solution offering”, said Kianosh Pourian, CEO of Spiria Boston.

Iotopia Solutions, the developers behind innovative solutions for companies like Bosch, Perkin Elmer and ZOLL, becomes Spiria Boston. The new Boston team joins Spiria in providing custom IoT solutions, specialized software, and Mobile and Web application development services to customers across North America

Spiria’s expansion does not stop there. It is looking to add more markets and gain ever-greater expertise over the coming months.

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Since 2003, Spiria develops innovative digital solutions that transform businesses, optimize operations, and define how users engage with brands. The development methodology they use is based on experience acquired from 900 digital products designed, developed and delivered across multiple industries. Spiria’s 120 engineers, architects, developers and designers focus on creating specialized software, embedded systems, IoT solutions and engaging Mobile and Web applications. Over 300 international companies like Autodesk, Acosta and Shutterstock rely on Spiria’s expertise and custom software solutions to get more customers, cut costs and accelerate growth.

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