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Launch of Sentinel service for the construction industry

May 7, 2020.

Maestro and Spiria, in collaboration with Oriso, launch Sentinel – a free online questionnaire to help monitor COVID-19 symptoms among construction workers.

Montreal, May 7, 2020 — It is with great pride that Maestro and Spiria, in collaboration with Oriso, announce a new online questionnaire (Sentinel) to facilitate the validation of construction workers’ health status. This measure is now a mandatory requirement implemented by the CNESST for all construction sites (and all other work places) in Quebec and is a highly recommended guideline by Ontario public authorities for all construction site workers and visitors. This type of questionnaire will likely be implemented across construction sites nationwide and possibly even in office environments and other industries as public officials look for practical solutions to help monitor COVID-19 spread.

Helping Canadian construction businesses safely reopen.

Sentinel will allow each employee (or visitor) at a construction site to report their health situation daily —quickly and easily— right from their smartphone, tablet or computer. The data will be directed to the employer and then compiled for the purpose of ensuring effective monitoring and, ultimately, the safety of all workers. Simple to use, all that will be required is for companies to create a profile, register employees, and the system is ready for use.

Contributing to the industry; a universal and free platform.

This three-company initiative is a joint contribution to the industry, at a time when everyone needs to work together and support each other. By working closely together, this partnership was able to move quickly and provide a solution that takes full advantage of the technologies available today to remove the need to exchange paper questionnaires in this COVID-19 environment.

Sentinel app. Sentinel app.

Sentinel app. Sentinel app.

Sentinel is available online, free of charge, to all construction companies.

Support from associations in the construction industry

The platform will be officially recommended to members of ACQs affiliated with the network including: ACQ Quebec region, ACQ Bas-Saint-Laurent/Gaspésie/Les Îles, ACQ Saguenay/Lac-Saint-Jean, ACQ Laval/Laurentides and ACQ Outaouais/Abitibi/Nord-Ouest du Québec. This significant support ensures cohesion and uniformity in the use of tools and will make it easier to access the data and to provide it to different instances when needed. Other associations in the ACQ network should offer the solution to their members very soon.

The Association Québécoise des Entrepreneurs en Infrastructure (AQEI) has also followed suit by presenting, twice rather than once, this new platform to its members through webinars. Members were able to comment and play an important part in creating the platform so that it reflects the reality of construction companies.

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About Maestro Technologies

Based in Canada, Maestro is a recognized leader in providing software solutions to all sectors of the construction industry and has carved out an enviable position within the Canadian market. It is widely recognized for its active involvement in the community and its willingness to support entrepreneurs in harnessing the power of digital transformation to increase their company’s productivity and competitiveness. With over 10,000 users across the country and growing, Maestro continues to focus on technologies and innovation to offer the most advanced project management and accounting platform in the industry by centralizing all your information management needs in a single software solution.

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Oriso is a leader in Cloud Computing since 2006, innovates in its SaaS, DaaS, IaaS, BlockChain and consulting services to better empower our partners by leveraging the best the cloud has to offer.


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