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Staying Up-to-Date on 3D Printing News

August 4, 2016.
Makerbot Replicator 2, 3D printer.

At the crossroads of design and technology, 3D printing keeps us in its thrall. As it spreads to ever more fields, it is extending beyond models and prototypes and on to serial production, or additive manufacturing. The entrance of heavyweights in the solutions market, like HP, Toshiba, Ricoh or Canon, for example, will no doubt lead to the diffusion of 3D printing. And, as always, increasing competition will lead to increasing R&D budgets and, in turn, to increasing innovation.

Here is a selection of specialized sites and blogs on the exciting world of 3D printing:



For five years now, this Dutch site has been providing daily updates on industry news and trends. If you only have one source of information on 3D printing, this should be the one. This site is unique in that it is completely independent and free of commercial concerns. 3ders.org also has a printer comparison tool, which, incidentally, shows that 3D printers currently range from 200$ to over 800,000$.



3Dprint.com has two things going for it: its original articles covering the entire waterfront, as well as lively forums.

TCT Magazine


Originally a newsletter on speed prototyping, TCT Magazine has become a well-respected magazine in the field. Its site hosts several blogs by renowned specialists, and is often the first to publish novel information and content. Not to be missed.



Develop3D is a superb British publication. As its name indicates, its primary focus is 3D software; however, it regularly posts articles about printing in general.

Disruptive Magazine


You won’t find the latest gimmicks and gadgets on Disruptive Magazine, which concentrates solely on industrial applications, especially in the fields of health, aerospace and automobiles. A serious, credible publication.



Fabbaloo, created in 2007, is a fun site to follow. Worthy of mention is its particularly good Buying Guide.



Shapeways, founded in 2007, is a large marketplace for 3D models with a vast offering of printing services in a wide variety of materials. Besides the usual news about the company and new printing techniques, the blog also regularly features talented designers exploring the potential of the technology.



Pinshape.com is a site for sharing and selling 3D models. The blog features the best designs shown on the site, as well as practical articles for hobbyists.



While we don’t entirely agree with its self-assessment as “The Authority on 3D Printing”, 3DPI does provide solid reporting on new, mainly industrial applications, in a pleasant format.



3Dnative is a very popular French Web site. We especially like its materials testing features and its very varied, original stories and information.

Large Ball Bearing

Large ball bearing, 3D printed. Model Daniel Norée. Photo Creative Tools.