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Design News, February 2018

February 21, 2018.

Each month, Michel Karam and Spiria’s UX/UI design team share their finds.

PowerPoint—it’s a complicated relationship


Originally developed for Mac in 1987, Microsoft PowerPoint is a bit of a software dinosaur which firmly divides opinions, with both ardent fans and detractors. In any case, it has heroically survived the years, despite challenges from alternative, much more up to date applications, for example Apple’s Keynote. Now that we’re in 2018, maybe the time has come to move on?

BBC Capital, “Our love-hate relationship with PowerPoint.”


Will AI replace designers?


This article tries to ease the fears of those who work in the design field and who worry about the takeover of artificial intelligence in professional environments, which seems likely.

Webdesigner Depot, “Will AI really replace designers by 2022?


The 18 “best” wireframe tools


In response to the proliferation of user interface design applications, the author of this article has come up with a list of what he deems are the top 18 wireframe tools on the market.

Creative Bloq, “The 18 best wireframe tools.”


Bye bye, Material Design


Emin Durak, the author of this article, writes an in-depth critique of Material Design, and doesn’t hesitate to criticize this famous library and its uses, on several different levels. What’s more, and what’s interesting, is that he offers alternative solutions.

Techtrument, “Bye bye Material Design.”


Snappykit: websites for mobile apps


This online tool enables you to easily create websites to promote mobile apps in the App Store or Google Play.



Open Source Design

With Open Source Design, developers and designers work together on… Open Source projects. On this site, developers post requests for help from designers with their projects. The collaboration opportunities can be free or paid.

Open Source Design.