Getting your product to successfully complete the clinical trial phase is key to your market launch. We will draw up the roadmap, develop the prototype and deliver the product that will get you there.

Interoperability issues, working with new technologies and regulatory hurdles can increase the complexity of medical device projects. Developing with these challenges in mind enables our team to deliver projects that can adapt to any situation.

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Turn your opportunities into innovative products

We leverage our knowledge of new technologies, our experience with building embedded Linux-powered IoT devices and our partner’s FDA/medical regulatory experience to create products that will get your idea to market.

We focus on system connectivity, software performance, medical regulations and user security to ensure your ideas become prototypes and products that get business conversations started and medical devices launched.

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A proven method paired with
the skills and expertise you need



We draw up a detailed roadmap and development plan to avoid defects, design failures and regulatory roadblocks that result in multiple revisions and increased production costs.



Our engineers build connected medical devices that connect with any system to provide real-time telemetric monitoring and big data analysis functionalities. Our embedded Linux expertise, Web and Mobile application experience and IoT product development skills enable our team to deliver innovative solutions.



We work with advisors with an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the FDA or the Canadian Federal and Provincial medical authorities to help you navigate the rigorous regulatory process. We partner with proven IoT and medical device manufacturers with the expertise to build quality hardware for your product.

IoT, M2M & Embedded Solutions

Integration of an embedded GPS system in a bike to collect data.