It’s a remote world. Time to adapt.

A series of events has forced us to pivot in the way we communicate, we live and work together. Now more than ever, businesses need to reassess their priorities, rethink operations and get creative with the new rules of this remote market.

Being a Canadian company with international customers, we have experienced the realities of remote work for the past 17 years. When we saw that the world was going fully remote, we decided to apply the remote best practices we’ve learned to our Discovery innovation process.


What is a remote Discovery?

Remote Discovery, a collaborative method, is a tailored combination of strategy, creativity and technology designed to help you mitigate risk and innovate through product creation, customer experiences and digital transformation.

We found that successful remote work is based on great communication and a smooth production process.

How is remote Discovery different?

  • Connect & Go.
    We keep it simple for you by preparing the digital environment your team needs to work efficiently. All your team needs is a good WiFi connection and headset.
  • Focus on collaborative tools.
    We provide a selection of modern communication and asset building tools such as Zoom and InVision that facilitate collaboration, information transmission and teamwork.
  • Turnkey Setup.
    From setting up to training your users, we guide your team every step of the way. Our experts will adapt the tools needed to your current technology reality, making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Productive work sessions.
    Keep your team engaged with shorter sessions. Foster creative thinking while keeping the team focused.
  • Tailored process.
    Perfectly balance collaborative and engaging group discussions with focused solo work sessions.

Why should you do a remote Discovery?

You must amaze, or need to create your next success story.

  • Deliver services in an innovative way or add new features to existing products
  • Bring an idea to life that will transform your industry or open new markets
  • Create more robust and mature products by improving existing code or scalability
  • Build working prototypes that will leave a lasting impression on investors, users and internal stakeholders
  • Amplify your user base by turning your customer experience into a memorable moment
  • Lay out a digital strategy and roadmap that deliver results on KPIs

Your business needs to transform, and the status quo is no longer an option.

  • Increase your resiliency or reinvent your business to face industry shifts
  • Move away from legacy systems and modernize your IT ecosystem
  • Gain speed by adding cutting-edge technology to your processes
  • Undertake your digital transformation with an experienced partner
  • Focus on data-driven decisions and business intelligence for long-term growth

Your Roadmap to Innovation Set the pace of your journey

Change the way you address your business needs remotely.

This interactive process brings together various stakeholders to experience a new way of decision-making. This lean approach to innovation enables you to stay in control and set the pace of your idea’s journey to market. It is a great way to establish a common vision, come up with new ideas, identify the right problem to solve and measure the fit between teams involved in the process.

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Set the Stage

Set the Stage

Everything begins by gathering data and setting the right conditions for something to happen.

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Set the Stage


The stage is set, and our experts now have a 360° view of your business.

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Set the Stage


Armed with a common vision, we combine insights with experience to generate innovative ideas.

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Set the Stage


At this stage, the storyboard is turned into a prototype mimicking the final approach.

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Your Roadmap to InnovationYour Roadmap to Innovation

Let’s transform your challenges into opportunities. Remotely.

Remote Discovery, recreates an environment where people innovating a part are actually closer than ever. This proven process will help you accelerate your innovation journey were ever you are.

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Strategy and roadmap elaboration for the redesign of a corporate website.