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What is a Microsoft Gold Partner?

Choosing a partner to come up with key technology for your business is a big decision. A vendor will tell you it’s up to the task, but does it really walk the talk? Can it truly get you further down the path to success? Enter Microsoft, with its three levels of partner certification: Certified Partner, Silver Certified Partner and Gold Certified Partner. This designation can give you a helping hand when it comes to making the best possible choice of IT partners.

A Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) is a vendor that has been given Microsoft’s official seal of approval to provide all manner of products or services related to Microsoft technologies.

MCPs provide Microsoft products and services worldwide, spanning multiple sectors including original equipment manufacturing (OEM), system builders, education and training, IT consulting, software development and technical assistance. They enjoy around-the-clock access to Microsoft support to provide reliable and up-to-date customer service. Each MCP has been in operation for at least 5 years, has successfully passed a battery of tests, has proven its competence in its field and is expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and compliance.

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The Gold status is reserved for the elite Microsoft partners. As there is as yet no Platinum level, you just can’t go any higher. Our many years’ experience developing solutions with Microsoft products have placed us in the top one percent of Microsoft partners who are Gold certified. We are of course proud to be so.

The certification is accompanied by one or more specializations, or domains of competence. Spiria is recognized for its applications development, which is our core competency. To secure the Microsoft Gold Partner status, a company must run the gamut of Microsoft’s strict requirements, which include:

  • Belonging to the Microsoft Certified Partner Network (MCP).
  • Demonstrating excellence in one or more areas (application development, application integration, cloud platform, DevOps, data centers, security, etc).
  • Having at least four Microsoft-certified professionals on staff. Certification involves training, an exam and an annual skills assessment.
  • Submitting at least five customer references attesting to the highest level of service.
  • Meeting various performance, expertise and service-quality criteria, which are regularly verified by external audits.

Microsoft partnership provides many advantages, such as exclusive access to premium tools, discounted rates on Microsoft products, training programs, and specialized technical assistance. 

But the big win is the bragging rights. We have concrete proof that we excel in creating and supporting Microsoft-based solutions. More importantly still, these advantages transfer to you, our client. Our Gold certification benefits you, with its guarantee of the highest quality of service. You can entrust us with your IT development goals, knowing that with Microsoft’s ongoing, annual evaluations, you can rest assured that the digital transformation of your company remains in good hands. 

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