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COVID-19 : efficiently outsourcing your software development

In these times of global crisis and social distancing, it is crucial to give all your attention to core operations and to delegate other tasks more seamlessly and efficiently than ever.

We asked Vincent Huard, General Manager at Spiria Montreal, to tell us the top five things we should keep in mind to ease the outsourcing of custom software development in these uncertain times. Here are his tips:


Explain your business objectives clearly and straightforwardly. While we’re all working in emergency mode, this is not the time to leave it at technological requirements. Now more than ever, you need to communicate your actual business needs, in order to optimize added value as quickly as possible.


Remote communication imposes additional requirements, especially in terms of stating your expectations clearly and concisely.

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On the other hand, do not hesitate to voice any doubts or questions, especially when you believe you see any issues. This will ensure that any potential problems are quickly averted.


Urgency requires compromise. To get quick results to achieve your objectives, you’re better off starting the iterative process sooner in the game, rather than waiting for perfection.


Identify a contact person within your company that your provider can liaise with. All manner of questions crop up during any custom software development process, and the ability to contact the right person with the right answers and the right information can smooth the process.

Do you need help changing your processes or developing new ones to help your company adapt to the new challenges it faces? Do not hesitate to contact our software development experts.

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