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Marketing Services

The Kwikee platform facilitates the management and distribution of digital assets (product visuals, graphics, marketing information and product data) for producers of consumer goods. This complex and competitive tool had to optimize data exchange between content owners (the brands) and their customers (distributors, retailers, e-commerce, etc.) The main challenge lay in the wide variety of data and formats originating from many different companies, and the varying data requirements of the brands’ customer base. This heterogeneity required numerous manual operations such as data mapping configuration, which the company sought to avoid. 

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The Background

Kwikee is a digital product and brand asset management platform offered by Sgsco, an American leader in packaging design and production for consumer packaged goods.

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The Solution

Spiria developed a Web application, the Kwikee Distribution Engine, simplifying the management of data provided by the various producers that were clients of Kwikee. The application standardizes the data received to ease their exchange, while preserving the particularities of the original data. It was developed using React with calls to a RESTful API written in Python. The API uses a Task-Queue system (Celery/RabbitMQ) to allow asynchronous task management. The Spiria team maximized the use of open-source elements in order to optimize Sgsco’s return on investment.

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The Services

  • Web Application Development
  • API Creation
  • UX/UI Design
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The Results

The new internal system allows easy implementation and modification of data-flow mapping configurations without programming knowledge. The standardization of these flows decreases manual operations and therefore processing costs.

I am very impressed by how knowledgeable and approachable your team has been, as well as by the quality of delivered code, which is virtually bug-free.

Bruno Schrappe
VP Digital Research & Development

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