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Security and Defence

NORTAC Defence™ wanted to give its clients the option to transform smartphones into tracking, encrypted messaging and emergency alert systems. Called NORTAC Orion, this future mobile application would provide a cheaper alternative to dedicated satellite-based devices in settings where reliable cellular or Wi-Fi networks are available. By sending position reports at defined intervals to the Titan by NORTAC Platform, NORTAC Orion would enable an organization to have a complete overview of the users’ location and safety status in near-real time. NORTAC Defence™ was looking for a reliable partner to create this mobile application. After some searching, they chose Spiria.

Nortac Defence product image
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The Background

Founded in 2010 in Ottawa, NORTAC Defence™ provides satellite-based, beyond-line-of-sight friendly force tracking systems. Its commercial off-the-shelf system, Titan by NORTAC Platform, allows armed forces to move in limited-visibility conditions, to travel over long distances synchronously with other units, and to communicate multi-directionally over long distances. Imagery of hostile and allied forces delivered by Titan by NORTAC Platform in real-time provides commanders with essential information to support tactical decisions.

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The Solution

Spiria’s experts developed an Android application that sends information on the position, speed, direction and altitude of users to a server. It provides ground operatives with a map displaying their position and environment. Personalized markers, routes and geofences plotted on the map provide operatives with useful information. NORTAC Orion also offers encrypted text messaging for ground operatives to communicate among themselves and with unit managers. Last but not least, an emergency button allows operatives to swiftly signal that they are in a hazardous situation. Developed in React Native, Redux, and TypeScript, the application remains functional even when running in the background, when it is shut down, and when the entire device is off.

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The Services

  • Development Strategy
  • Discovery Process
  • Customer Journey Mapping 
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Support and Maintenance
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The Results

With Spiria’s help, NORTAC Defence™ was able to enhance its offering for armed forces security, within the desired timeframe, and without compromising on features or quality. So happy was NORTAC Defence™ with Spiria that it decided to entrust us with the development of the iOS version of NORTAC Orion.

We needed a strong technical partner with solid mobile app development experience to bring our vision to life. Spiria provided solid expertise, fantastic collaboration, clear understanding of our business and impactful recommendations. They not only delivered a performant and robust app, but also helped us improve our development process.

Martin Bouchard
NORTAC Defence™

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