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Experiencing sustained growth, Humance had to ensure that its learning platform could scale up and evolve. In order to achieve this, the company sought out a robust and versatile technological partner that could keep up with their growth and guarantee their application’s performance and reliability, while enhancing learner experience by making it more human, reactive and interactive.

Humance product image
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The Background

Humance helps organizations innovate, grow and carry out new initiatives by supporting a sustained change in their members’ behaviour. Through its innovative development approach and delivery platform, Humance has supported over 25,000 learners in 400 organizations from 70 countries.

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The Solution

Spiria undertook a thorough audit of the existing codebase, identifying several bottlenecks that would hamper the application’s scalability and reactivity. Priority was given to optimizing performance, amending some technological choices and clearing the technological debt identified during the audit. Once these issues were addressed, new features could be developed. End-users now enjoy a more user-friendly experience, and have access to a voting feature that reinforces their feeling of belonging to a community of learners, to an on-line testing system providing them with government-recognized training certificates, and to a personalized learner’s roadmap in PDF, among other things. Roadmap managers, for their part, enjoy new monitoring and reporting tools and editing privileges to create roadmaps. To prevent potential regression, the team invested heavily in quality assurance, developing an automated functional test system covering virtually every aspect of the application. At the same time, the mobile experience was overhauled to meet user needs.

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The Services

  • Codebase stabilization
  • Roadmap development
  • New feature development
  • Mobile application development
  • Interface design
  • Quality assurance and test automation
  • Operational support
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The Results

Humance is now able to serve more large-scale clients, providing them with an enhanced user experience. The company now has the solid technological foundations it needs to continuously add functional features and evolve its platform seamlessly. Humance continues to work with Spiria to enhance its SaaS capabilities and support ever-more learners and organizations all over the world.

Humance’s priority is the success and professional development of people and organizations. We have created a new approach to development, which is supported by our delivery platform. The Spiria team, in turn, supports us so we can provide our learners and clients with the very best professional development tools. The robustness of the platform and the continuous enhancement of its functionality allow us not only to provide an excellent learning experience, but also to have a concrete and measurable impact on learners and organizations.

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