HealthPRO brings together the national buying power and expertise of 1,300 member organizations to deliver joint contracts for high-quality products and services, saving both time and money for healthcare institutions across the country.

The Challenge

HealthPRO’s Website no longer met its marketing needs. Its look had to be updated and its written content was not consistent with the company’s new strategic objectives. Further, it had become difficult to modify the content due to an aging platform, and visitors experienced viewing problems when using some browsers. In order to meet the needs of its various professional markets, HealthPRO decided to recast its Web presence, define a content strategy and develop a new, more relevant structure.

The Services

  • Discovery process
  • Risk assessment
  • Definition of target audiences
  • Roadmap development
  • Content strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Copywriting
  • Web development

The Solution

Spiria invited HealthPRO to engage in its Discovery process, an intensive, one-week collaboration experience to find relevant, innovative solutions to the various problems identified. The first two days were dedicated to developing a common vision, gaining a solid understanding of HealthPRO’s strategic direction, exploring its ecosystem and defining the expectations of its main stakeholders both internal and external. This information-gathering exercise was followed by the following activities: mapping out the structure of the new site along with the browsing paths of the various target audiences, setting the editorial tone, defining the look and feel, and making technical recommendations on the content management system.

Ruby on Rails
Camaleon CMS

The Results

Thanks to its collaboration with Spiria during the Discovery phase, HealthPRO now has a clear road map as well as a solid foundation to carry out its development project in ideal conditions, secure in the knowledge that the final result will meet its needs completely. The new website, developed by Spiria, offers a modern look, intuitive navigation, persona-specific flows, user-friendly content management tools for the marketing team, and a scalable platform able to support future needs. In fact, the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP) awarded it the Platinum Award, in recognition of HealthPRO’s digital communications excellence and creativity.

“We found the Discovery process and working sessions very productive and resulted in a design that captured our brand’s strategic plan. Spiria was able to understand the unique personas and map an intuitive journey while keeping a crisp aesthetic. Our award winning website is a source of pride and the Spiria team played a key role in bringing it to life.”

Jennifer Potvin
Vice President, Marketing and Communications,
HealthPRO Procurement Services Inc.

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