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Groupe Major has always been an innovative group benefit management firm. Ten years ago, it developed its own, in-house solution since no off-the-shelf system met the needs of its unique client base. Over the years, even this solution reached its limits, becoming unable to support the rapid expansion of the company or to handle the increasing diversity of its needs. Groupe Major had to break free of its obsolete, rigid system and rebuild a future-looking solution from the ground up. To this end, it sought out a technology partner to develop a custom system that would be both agile and durable thanks to open, scalable architecture.

Groupe Major product image
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The Background

Groupe Major is a group benefit firm that manages the benefit plans of over 100,000 Canadians. It caters to the needs of a diverse clientele by offering tailored group insurance and pension plan solutions and related products.

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The Solution

Within a very short timeframe, Spiria was able to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that was immediately put into service. Thereafter, many additional features were added on. The system’s feature-rich functionality reflects the inherent complexity of Groupe Major’s work and the diversity of the needs of its clientele. Among supported operations are the following: customer account management with an integrated, bespoke CRM; billing through a complete, automated module compatible with any accounting system; generation of detailed and personalized reports; rigorous internal audit functions; an API to link the system with the Telus Health network; flexible assignment of incremental access rights; and more. As a web application, the solution is accessible through any modern web browser and on any platform. Further, the system architecture was designed to ensure optimal scalability and flexibility through end-to-end standardisation.

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The Services

  • Replacement of a legacy system
  • Development of a complex web application
  • Creation of a robust RESTful API
  • Interface design
  • Quality assurance
  • Operational support
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The Results

Thanks to Spiria’s sustained efforts and its close collaboration with Groupe Major, the group benefits management company now has an internal management system that is robust, stable and scalable. The system is able to cater to all current needs and capable of adapting to future challenges quickly and economically. Groupe Major can now offer seamless service to its clients and face the future with confidence. The productive collaboration between Groupe Major and Spiria continues, both for daily operational support and for one-off consults related to emerging challenges.

With Spiria’s help, we were able to develop a unique group benefits management solution that caters to the unique needs of our growing client base. Spiria was a valued partner in this endeavour and continues to support our technological development on various levels. Spiria’s team is efficient and attentive, and suggests solutions that outstrip our expectations. We are looking forward to embarking on many new projects with Spiria.

Vincent Robert
Director – Account management
Groupe Major

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