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Whether at the mining exploration sites or in the accounting department, Rouillier Drilling’s employees (drillers, driller helpers, and supervisors) were performing repetitive data entry and transcription tasks, with timesheets in particular. As part of its performance improvements, the company decided to automate these manual processes to save time and avoid errors. 

Rouillier Drilling was looking for a tool tailored to the specific needs of its industry, with a modular, customizable architecture that could accommodate new functionalities as its needs evolved. It therefore turned to Spiria, with its vast knowledge of operations optimization, bespoke product development, and demonstrated experience in the mining industry. 

Forages Rouillier product image
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The Background

Rouillier Drilling has been providing services to the mining industry since 1977 and is a leader in drilling in Eastern Canada. It specializes in diamond exploration drilling and with its helicopter-portable machines, it conducts exploratory drilling in places that are difficult or impossible to reach by land. Worker health and safety, compliance with environmental standards, and the social acceptability of its projects are core to the company’s values. It is part of Groupe Rouillier, a consortium that offers a wide range of drilling-specific products and services.  

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The Solution

The key to the project’s success was an initial discovery phase that led to a definition of the core objectives, in collaboration with the client. The focus was to sketch the minimum viable product that would maximize the return on investment. During this preliminary phase, the team, together with the client, defined the user profile (persona) and their needs, homed in on the most appropriate technological options given the existing tools and requested features, produced functional models and tested them with users, and drew a clear roadmap, paired with a budget estimate, for the subsequent development phase. 

On this solid foundation, a functional web application was built in a classic “sprint” cycle. It allows supervisors to enter the drillers’ hours in daily reports, which the payroll department reviews and downloads as PDFs. The application’s automated validation system minimizes entry errors so that data can be recorded quickly and reliably.  

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The Services

  • Discovery process
  • User experience design (UX)
  • User interface design (UI)
  • Custom web application development
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The Results

Rouillier Drilling now benefits from an up-to-date and scalable application that can easily host new features. Data entry, control and consolidation have become much faster and more reliable, as intended. From data collection to delivery, not to mention project management and development, the Rouillier Drilling and Spiria teams enjoyed a remarkable synergy. A productive collaboration and transparent communications were determining factors in the project’s success and laid the basis for a sound partnership. 

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