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Case study

Consumer Electronics

A leading consumer electronics company, developed a mobile application to both enhance customer experience and support its marketing initiatives. The application was an important onboarding and learning tool, which enabled customers to fill out and send in warranty forms as well as access valuable tutorials and technical information. However, the mobile application did not achieve the expected engagement as a tool for customer retention. Most users tried it a few of times, then set it aside. Nor did the application provide enough data to get a clear picture of the way users interact with it. The company team asked Spiria to help it overhaul the application to enhance the customer experience, therefore increasing engagement and retention.

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The Solution

Spiria’s CX (customer experience) and application design experts worked closely with the company to leverage existing data, develop assumptions about target users and define a research plan. Following this first phase, a survey of the target audience and an analysis of the results provided a clear picture of the needs of users and the features to test. This new functional design experience was developed with a focus on user needs, while considering the company’s current and planned multi-channel marketing initiatives. At the same time, some thought was given to the tools needed to measure user engagement within the mobile application. Once the new user journeys were established and the UI design was validated, a prototype of the future application was built to perform usability tests with the target audience and start an iterative improvement process.

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The Services

  • Customer Research
  • Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Usability Testing
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The Results

The company received a complete package of services: research, data mining, development of user engagement hypothesis, prototyping and testing. All this fed into the design of a whole new customer experience. Initial user tests with the detailed prototype yielded extremely positive results. All users expressed a strong desire to use the application on an ongoing basis to engage in multiple functions, citing various benefits that the application would provide.

When it comes to creating an experience that will resonate and grow with the customer the only way to reduce risk and ensure success is if we truly understand what the customer wants. Taking a step back and asking the right questions in the beginning gave us the insights we needed to build with confidence.

Angie Kramer
CX Strategy

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